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The Garden of Light 

My mind use to be a battlefield 

But I turned it into a garden 

Long ago planted some seeds 

Didn’t want to grow 

 My heart was hardened 

I wanted flowers 

But they can’t bloom through concrete 

Instead I got weeds 

Growing through the cracks 

Of the broken pieces and lines 

That turned to vines 

Before I knew it 

I had a kudzu mind 


Taking over all the spaces 

I begin to Identify 

That it was I 

To a point no light was could get inside 

Oh but that sun still shines 

All it took was a sun ray 

To illuminate 

The light 

I found a path 

In that path I found a knife 

And began to cut the ties 

And attachments 

To the madness 

Which led to exactly what I was seeking to find 

A love that was mine 

An almost if by magick 

my heart opened wide 

and the what tried to consume 

Started to die 

And at the same time

A rebirth was happening 

A a new life

I made it through the struggle and strife 

I began tapping in 

To the Garden of Eden

My true self I was meeting 

A vision was given 

Along with the tools that were needed 

To beginning manifesting 

A garden of peace 

But first I had to get the broken pieces out of me 

To start fresh 

A new foundation 



And affirmations



It was time to till the soil 

Back into the darkness 

For the gestation process 

It’s all a process 

Feel like I’ve done nothing 

Since I haven’t seen any physical progress 

Since I haven’t seen any growth 

 Just a little seed 

Itching to break free 

Out of this dirt 

Then I hear the whispers of Mother Earth: 


My child, look at all you accomplished! Do not think for a second you have not made any progress, you must not plant seeds in environments that are not supportive for your growth, all this time you were destroying what you were not, so that you can bloom in to everything you are. “ You have been doing the sacred work. You are now ready to blossom, it is time to fill your garden with all that you want. May it beautiful and reflect your divinity. You are in control of your destiny. Everything is within you to create you don’t need a thing. Let your soul shine bright and heart sing. Open now dear one, receive of the blessings. 



What will you grow in your garden?


My mission is to help you eradicate all the weeds and things that hold you back from growing all that you want in your internal garden. You have all you need within you. I just provide the tools that will support you in creating your Garden of Light. 

Magi’s life activation was vital to my healing journey. It brought up a plethora of intense emotions and, while the activation itself was difficult to endure, I felt rejuvenated afterwards and continue to reap the manifestations I sowed. At one point, I was lying on the floor writhing in discomfort from all of the childhood trauma Magi brought to light and helped me heal. I feel so much better thanks to her!

One of the things I manifested during the activation was for more financial opportunity. Money has been tight and I was in need of more work. Ever since the activation, I have received an abundance of work- so much so that I am now having to schedule in moments of stillness. Be careful what you wish for I guess!
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