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Born and raised in Charlotte, NC in a Christian background where I had my first encounter with the Divine. I felt the spiritual essence and unconditional love as a young child.  Around the age of fourteen I started seeing hypocrisy and judgement in the church and shortly after stopped going. I became lost in and developed more of an agnostic belief system. You know the one that is like “well I know there is something bigger than me, I guess but I don’t really care” and made partying and running from my own problems my “GOD”. Years later after listening to so many other people on how to live my life, I ended up in a college that I didn’t want to go to in the first place. From that decision I met someone who shook me to my core and our breakup was the catalyst to my spiritual awakening. 

After feeling complete doom and gloom and hitting an emotional rock bottom, I began to question things and ask “God”. “Is this really all there is, this cannot be all there is, this just can’t, be it?”  Well ask and you shall receive. I woke up shortly a couple of days after and as a last resort I began to meditate. I had a profound spiritual experience and began seeking more.  


A year later I was introduced to The Modern Mystery School’s, Life Activation. An ancient healing modality that awakens your spiritual blueprint by infusing light in your DNA. The life activation changed my life so much, I healed most of my depression and anxiety, landed a new job that I absolutely loved and found a new zest for life and started to have a real glimpse of what true Divine Love was without dogma attached to it. Three months later became an Initiate of The Modern Mystery School in the linage of King Solomon. I changed so much in such a small amount of time and found exponential amounts of peace and joy in my life that I wanted more, not only that but I wanted to help others experience and awaken to their own Divinity as well.  

Since then, I received certifications in ancient healing modalities that date back 3,000 years ago that has been kept pure, like  Ensofic Reiki, Life Activation, Crystal healing, Crystal readings, Aura healing, and Max Meditation System TM. I have true deep passion, and nothing fulfils me more than being in service to souls who are ready to awaken to who they truly are and to know thyself.  



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